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Mirrorclothtrumpetbookglassplant - 2015

Oil on canvas.

  Painted and submitted to a community art project, where the criterior for any work to be accepted, excluded any art containing religious subject matter.

  Specifically dimensioned to fit an exsisting wall panal, this work served as a reflection upon my own opinions surrounding faith, religion and god. The trumpet, aquired from the Salvation Army, rests upon a copy of Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion. The avacado serves as an olive branch, (I didn't have one to hand) a peace offering to a former trumpet playing partner now entractable hostile towards me.

  Upon reflection the warped reflection of the trumpet within the blue glass, seems now to me, to suggest the relative perspectives we all have.

  The work was accepted by the submission commity, presumable unaware of its' atheistic undercurrent.



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